How to structure a Consultation

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  1. Let everyone around the table introduce themselves, summarize what has happened, previous contact, and implemented measures from every agency. Make concerns known.

  2. Discuss freely: “What is best for the child/adolescent”?

  3. What can my agency do for the child/adolescent?

  4. Draw up a safety plan for different arenas (school, home, spare time)

  5. Divide responsibilities and tasks between the agencies

  6. The person in charge of the meeting is responsible for calling a follow-up meeting – within 3 weeks usually – to ensure everyone has done their part, and discuss the road ahead. It is important that guardians are involved in the multidisciplinary cooperative work.
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On the Consultation – a reflection
In this recording you will hear Helle Kleive, psychology specialist at Resource unit V27/Betanien Bergen, speak more about Consultations.

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Disclosure of harmful sexual behaviour requires immediate reaction from adults

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